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Billionaire daughter of the former dictator killed by poison!

New Delhi. Former dictator Islam Karimov in Uzbekistan billionaire's daughter Gulnara Karimov hot rumor is to be killed. There are reports that the poisoned Gulnara was killed. That being said, because of a long Gulnara has not seen, and they have not been reported.

Please tell, when in September of this year, his father's funeral in Samarkand was not even seen Gulnara Karimov. Gulnara was seen at one time in the fashion parade.

Tnashah Karimov of Uzbekistan was considered that would become the heir his daughter Gulnara, it was like the princess. But in 2013 his father differences. Then father had hidden away from the eyes of the world. A few months ago came the news that is going to be treated at a mental institution.

Now a website Uzbek National Security Service (SNB), according to an agent claimed to be assassinated. According to the news on November 5 Gulnara was killed by

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