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Is Going Rogue the New Normal?

Is Going Rogue the New Normal?
Is Going Rogue the New Normal?

In today's working world, going rogue in order to get things done is a usual requirement. Literally speaking, going rogue means ceasing to follow orders, and to act on one's own discretion, which goes against the grain, the directions and most of all the expectations.

The Best Course of Action

The Best Course of ActionEssentially it means pursuing your own interests. At the onset it may sound reckless as well as extreme, acting against orders and instructions. It is acting on your own and upholding your interests over those of other people. It is the daring to take initiatives, if it seemingly appears going against the prevailing policies applicable at the time and doing things that appear best from your point of view, one may go ahead and take the best course of action.

Forbidden or Otherwise

To buttress the case let us pick up the thorny issue of BYO, bringing your own technology is explicitly forbidden in lot many organizations, despite this entities having the highest performing workforce, especially the customer facing ones go for BYO in hordes, forbidden or otherwise. Well why is the situation like this and what does it mean to the rest of the work force. With the movement towards the gig economy, a whole lot of people would find themselves in a demanding world of work that was earlier inhabited by sales & service people, responsible for customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention over the years.

Collective Habits

Collective HabitsThey happen to be living in the outside world and it is often seen that they spend more time with their customers than their colleagues. They sort of exist in the external world, much beyond the reach of organizational boundaries and are away from the influence of the collective habits that prevail and people who agree on a certain way they do things there. It is also true that customer facing people are more likely to be relying on personal technologies of their choice, be it tablets, smart phones, apps or the ubiquitous cloud services way beyond the choices corporate offer technology wise.

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The Rogue Mindset

Growth MindsetNow the all important question arises whether going rogue is equivalent to being creative and does your survival depend on it. More than actually going rogue, it is the rogue mindset that will give you an inner sense of freedom as well as confidence, no matter what, you are adept and well equipped to make your way inside and outside your organization or in the outside world for that no matter.

Operate on the Fringes

On must bear in mind that customer facing people operate on the fringes, oftentimes they are physically disconnected from the workforce and occasionally they happen to be in remote locations that have limited or no digital connectivity. They tend to spend time on the road as well as on the customer sites and they need to use dedicated sales as well as management tools. Add to this the incentivization scheme based on performance, when part of the compensation is doled out as incentives, whether it is individual, team based or maybe both, that in turn is determined by how much they sell. This is quite unlike other employees who worked for a fixed remuneration without much variables.

Final Words

Do take personal responsibility for acquiring new skills. Also build and strengthen your networks inside as well as outside your organization. Be digitally skilled as and well informed as well, while being meaningfully connected to others. This way you would develop a rogue mindset, wherein you would be confident of your ability to not just survive but thrive outside an organization, as well as inside it in a much better manner than you were doing before adopting this mindset.

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