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You have done your homework pretty well, in researching the company, updating your CV, even going to extreme lengths of stalking the CEO of the organization, although it is not in real life, but just on Facebook.

Curve-ball Questions

Important QuestionIn spite of all of this, you end up being asked about traffic lights. There are simple questions and then there are tough questions designed to challenge the interviewees, and then there are curve-ball questions, the real googly. In the event that you have come across all of these and encountered the latter, you must be wondering why have things come to such a pass, well they have taken a tricky turn for the simple reason that companies these days find themselves operating in a tough competitive environment.


In order to survive and thrive, they are always on the lookout for top tier talent, scouting the best money can get, so one should not be taken by surprise when businesses throw curve-ball questions, during the interview processes. They unnerve you and try to unsettle you by asking seemingly unrelated questions as this accords the company a much wider peek, sort of a snapshot into a person's personal as well as professional life.

Bizarre Questions


They are asked on purpose and design to be able to put people on the spot, and then be able to study how they react under pressure. The underlying idea of these exercises are to be able to take a peep into the minds of the candidates and get a bit of a window, as to how their mind works. It helps to be in the know, that top business brains, best career experts and renowned recruiters, after due deliberations and brainstorming have put together the most bizarre set of questions, that invariably found their way into real interviews.

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Take the Bull by the Horns

Now comes the most important part, how do you go about handling them if they are thrown your way, you just duck or take them by their horns. Sample these, as they would prove to be an eye opener of sorts and equip you with the desired skills necessary to crack the interview successfully. It is quite unlikely that you are going to be asked how many traffic lights are their in your city, and you thought there was not even a remote possibility of you being asked this question, well you are completely wrong on this.

Brain Teaser

Both Sides of Your BrainThis indeed is a real interview question and a brain twister, a brain teaser, it is intended to check your response when faced with a difficult question or a difficult situation, with some calm and collected thinking before hand you would be able to figure out as well as reassure yourself that nobody has the correct answer to this question, until and unless you happen to have comprehensive knowledge of traffic lights in your area.  All you have to do is appear confident, take a deep breath while you gather your thoughts, and respond with consummate ease, that although you would not be able to give an exact figure, you may try to make an intelligent guess by trying and estimating the numbers per square km and then go on to make an intelligent guess for the entire city.

Final Words

To catch you off guard, you may be asked a volley of questions, like how you could interject a possible fight between superman and batman. You may answer such questions in the same vein trying to keep them relevant to the position you are interviewing for.

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