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Pakistan Army Was Caught Unwares And Lost 5 Soldiers

A senior PoK official stated that the army of Pakistan was caught unawares and during india’s surgical strike lost 5 soldiers. Pakistani army put the bodies in the ambulance and then took them away. He revealed that the Pak army effectively arranges for terrorists crossing over the country of India.

Pakistani senior police official, recorded under the impression that he was speaking with a higher officer admitted that there were casualties in India’s surgical strike across the control line. Such report is get by TV. Such report said the Pakistani police official rattled off events of the night of raids and completely confirmed claims made by Indian Army. Ghulam Akbar is the special branch of Mirpur range in PoK is effectively heard confirmed that the Indians surgical strikes has indeed take place on the  particular date of September 29 in the area like Leepa. It is also mentioned such reports of the attacks. Ghulam Akbar effectively stated that the army of Pakistan was caught unawares and lost 5 soldiers those who names were revealed but not clearly telecast by the channel.

Pok Cop Reveals In Smart Operation To Reach The Target

Pok Cop Reveals In Smart Operation To Reach The Target

Unknown terrorist’s bodies were quickly removed by the military of Pakistan. Ghulam Akbar put in a picture of the areas that he knew were under attack that time Hazira in Poonch, Kayani in Hathian Bala, and Samana in Bhimber and Dudhniyal in Neelam.  Apart from that, the senior officer of the Ghulam Akbar also said the Pakistani army cordoned off these areas after the process of surgical strikes. The SP said Pakistani put the terrorist bodies and took them away. Apart from that, adding that many have been buried in rural areas like villages and that his cops were simply evaluating the coffin boxes. Another revelation that could put Pakistan on mat, the Ghulam Akbar revealed that army of Pakistan facilitates terrorist movement in the forward areas.

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Apart from that, it also arranges for crossing over to country of India. He says adding that he could not give more accurate number of because army of Pakistan protects the jihadi infrastructure from the local authorities as well as police. The surgical strike in Pakistan occupied Indian troops and Kashmir, with many militants was killed minimum of 5 Pakistan soldiers. Four or five o’clock in the morning around three to four hours would attack. Attacks on many different places that they faced resistance.

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