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Russia raised India’s concerns: the support of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, said earlier it had no interest

New Delhi. Russia, China, Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has supported the project. Urashian Economic Union as well as his expressed intention of the project is to link the CPEC. India's concern has increased. Please tell ago saying that Russia is not interested in the CPEC.
. Pakistan's ambassador in Russia Alexey y. Dedov to say that Russia and Pakistan Urashian CPEC project to link economic union has spoken.
- He CPEC Russia strongly supports, as it is extremely important not only for Pakistan's economy, but it will also promote regional connectivity.
- Russia has supported Pakistan at a time when India and Pakistan on the terrorism front in the world's efforts to isolate.

India therefore objection from CPEC
- CPEC Gwadar port in Baluchistan of Pakistan and China will connect Xinjiang.
- CPEC Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan-administered Kashmir also passes on which India claims.
- Narendra Modi on the issue of CPEC President Xi Jinping met in China have expressed objections, but China has downplayed it.

Russia had said earlier interest in CPEC
- Pakistani media reports claimed last month that Russia is interested in the CPEC.
- India is surprised by the fact that Russia had rejected these claims before, but now it has been overturned.

No bitterness boasts both in relationships

- Please tell the Uri terrorist attack at the beginning of this year, after Russia joint military exercises with Pakistan, said. India had expressed displeasure at this. 19 Indian soldiers were killed in the attack Uri.
- However, India has been claiming that there is no distance in its relationship with Russia. Meanwhile, Russia also says he can not with Pakistan at India's expense.
CPEC to China's advantage
- The corridor will facilitate penetration of crude oil to China. 80% of China's crude oil imports from the Gulf of Malacca reaches Shanghai.

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- Nearly 16 thousand km way, but CPEC 5 thousand km of the distance will be reduced.
- China wants to make inroads into the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.
- Gwadar Port to China's Navy locus repairing and maintenance for its fleet will be able to use Gwadar Port.
- As a result, China's naval mission is quite beneficial for Gwadar.

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