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Startup With Online Consumer Forum Using PHP Development Company

It is a great story which I am going to share with you. It is a real success story to build online consumer forum using PHP development company. I am legal consumer consultant and know how to resolve problems or complaints of consumers. Most of the time I feel that consumers are not reaching to me with their problems. When I go through a google search I found there are many websites who are providing same services in offline as well as online market. I decided to build our own identity to become online. I just start search that website designing and development company who implement our dream using their skills. After doing some research and postings I found Medma, PHP development company for my business website. I just consulted with the team of the company they ready to implement our idea through their PHP development skills.

I got questions from the team:

  • What is the requirement for your website?
  • What is the motive of your website?
  • Which platform do you want to choose to develop your website?
  • Most important what is your budget for your website?

We answered all of the questions. Our requirements are very basic. At that time we just require simple website where consumer come to our website and get information about our services and file their complaints. When consumer file a complaint then it should be public to everyone but we hide the personal information of consumers who file complaints online. In the beginning, we just tell PHP developers to develop just Homepage, File Complaint page, Browse Complaints Page, List of companies page, Blog/ Stories page, FAQ page. The team suggested us to use Laravel PHP framework for your website and they start their work on our website within 21 days my website developed by the PHP development team.

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When we checked our online consumer forum website then we find the look of the website is simple, effective and professional. we launched online consumer forum website. Within few weeks of launching website, we get lots of responses and queries from queries. We find there are many consumers who become a victim of fraud consumer cases. We start resolving consumer complaints by starting a social media campaign, send email to the company, send registered notice to the company and helped many consumers in approaching consumer forum and consumer court in India.

When we got lots of interactions on our website, we again hired dedicated PHP developers for Medma PHP development company for some addon features on our website. We also take advantage of Hire PHP Developers For One Week Free! from Medma. We add company registration form, lawyer registration forum, and consumer club on our website. We also added the address of all state and district consumer courts of India at our portal.These options for better engagement between consumers and companies. Companies and lawyers can also resolve consumer complaints using their account at our online consumer forum website. Within 6 months we resolved more than 650+ consumer complaints at our Voxya online consumer forum website.