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Taiwan and around the United States rabbit, elephant named China

America's newly elected president of the US-China relationship is the most important business, but China is Taiwan's most important.
Trump and his team know that they can put pressure on China on the Taiwan issue.
Speaking to Fox News recently said Trump made it clear that China's position in the case of Taiwan, the United States will only importance in trade concessions if they exercise.
Trump said, 'We understand one China policy, but I do not know why we should consider it. If a deal with China, the matter is different and these deals could be in business. '
Taiwan, China and the US have always been an issue. Taiwan is an island separated from the mainland of China, which has its own government. China believes that Taiwan is part of China and Japan later in 1949 during the civil war by Mao Chinese nationalists who are opposed.
Taiwan at the beginning of Donald Trump's policies in the last few days he was afraid the US administration is watching with eyes full of friendliness.
However, Taiwan officials of the fact that China is unlikely to completely upset if America will stand for him or not.
Taiwan Studies think-tank, the Council on Strategic and war gaming Alexander Huang says, "People say that Taiwan is a small rabbit named around which the US and China are the two elephants. Elephants love or anger or both. The rabbit is the result suffer. ''

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