These Brilliant Dessert Hacks will make you a Genius Cook this Christmas

These Brilliant Dessert Hacks will make you a Genius Cook this Christmas
These Brilliant Dessert Hacks will make you a Genius Cook this Christmas

Time is always a problem. With so little time and so much to do, we are here at your rescue. These amazing kitchen hacks will make cooking easier and efficient. Now create dreamy recipes with no mess at all. So fear no more, my friend. Invite as many guests as you please this year. They are gonna love your food!

How to prevent the exposed edges from getting stale

Bread and toothpick will do the trick for you.
Bread and toothpick will do the trick for you.
Mouthwatering Mug- Brownie
Mix coca, flour, sugar with oil, vanilla and a little water. Microwave it for 2 minutes. And the most delicious smelling brownie is right here.

Is opening a Jar turning into a Nightmare
Use a bottle opener to open the tightly screwed jar, until you hear a pop sound!

Running out of Mayo?
Beat in eggs with some oil and there you go. Less fattening, home-made, authentic mayo; just for you.

Layering is getting tough?
Use an unflavored dental floss to cut a proper, clean edged cake. Like a pro!

Any Left over wine ? (Maybe not)
You can freeze the leftover wine and use it in desserts whenever required!

Instant Cookie Tip
Freeze the cookie dough balls to make instant cookie when guests arrive this Christmas!

Craving a Perfect Hot Chocolate?
Blend in the store brought truffles in a cup of hot milk. And, here is one of the best ‘Hot Chocolate’ you ever came across.

Ice-cream with only one Ingredient!
Yes, crush ripened bananas in your food processor. The fat in the fruit makes it possible to create a good consistency batter. Once frozen, it is one heavenly ice-cream!

Does your Brown Sugar gets lumpy?
Store your brown sugar with a piece of bread. This will make sure that no lumps are formed when you open it for making desserts.

Do your hands get all soiled while having an ice-cream cone?
Drop a tiny marshmallow to not let the ice-cream leak from the cone.

Top your cup-cakes with a Marshmallow
Top your Cup-cake with a marshmallow and the end product will be dreamy

Dicing Mangoes getting Insanely tough?
Make a grid on the mango slices using a sharp knife. Turn it upside down to make sure it is a perfectly diced!

Cookie cup, anyone?
Use the store brought sugar cookie dough to create beautiful dessert cups. Use the back of the muffin tray, to achieve the desired shape.

Bake your brownie in a waffle maker.

Why to Buy any Funnels?

Instead use a paper envelope to make a funnel, this will ensure that, grains don’t fall out of the jar.

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Seek a Presentation Technique?
Top your hot-chocolate with whipped cream puffs. It looks tempting.

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